Monguzzo ( Mùngòzz in Lombard dialect ) is a location in the Lombardy Province of Como community. It has 2 288 inhabitants ( 31 December 2012) and is 20 km from Como, 45 km from Milan and 25 km from Lecco.

The community

The neighboring municipalities are Alba Villa, Alserio, Alzate Brianza, Erba, Lurago d'Erba, Merone and Lambrugo. Monguzzo located in the Natural Park Lambrotal and developed on a hill dominated by a feudal castle. Today, the castle is owned by the " Fatebenefratelli " hospital order and is only on the second Sunday in September visitable.

In the municipality there are also two churches, the SS Biagio e Sebastiano Parish ( via Chiesa ) and the Madonna di Lourdes Shrine (via Santuario ), recently both churches have been restored.

Village structure

Monguzzo can be divided into three inhabited areas:

  • Monguzzo, which lies on the hill with the feudal castle
  • Nobile located in the eastern part of the municipality, at the foot of the hill; Nobile was once in Brianza for the peach tree famous: the inhabitants of Nobile were called in dialect Persegatt ( " peach producers ").
  • Poggio Cavolto, a developed in the seventies residential area which lies on the southern slope of the hill, on the border of the municipality Lurago d' Erba.

In the municipality there are also many renovated farmhouses ( " Cascine ") to which small inhabited areas were built. In particular, the Cascine Solferino, bindella, Enrichetta, Nuova and bassetto to mention.