Monino (Russian Монино ) is about 25 km east of Moscow located urban-type settlement in Russia. It belongs to the Raion ( district ) Schtscholkowo the Moscow Oblast and has 22,821 inhabitants (as of October 14, 2010 ).


The place dates back to a single farm, whose inhabitants Monin whose surname. The number of inhabitants has developed very quickly. While in 1926 only 30 residents were counted, there were already 10,800 in 1959.


Monino has a railway station, from where there are regular trains to Yaroslavsky station in Moscow.


In the Monino rugby team WWA Podmoskowje Monino is located.


Known worldwide Monino was the Central Museum of the Air Forces of the Russian Federation and the location in the immediate vicinity of Gagarin Military Academy of the Air Force, at the Sigmund Jähn was formed. Near Monino is Star City.

Station Monino