Monique Currie

Monique Currie ( born February 25, 1983 in Washington, DC, United States) is a professional basketball player. In 2012 she played for the Washington Mystics in the Women's National Basketball Association.



Monique Currie played until 2006 for the Duke Blue Devils, the women's basketball team at Duke University.


Monique Currie was selected by the Charlotte Sting in the third position in the WNBA Draft 2006. In the 2006 season, she was almost always in the starting lineup of the Sting. Currie finished her first WNBA season, an average of 10 points in 25 minutes per game. After the Sting is dissolved after this season, Currie was selected by the Chicago Sky in the first place in the Dispersal Draft. After Currie completed two games for the Sky in the season, she was transferred to the Washington Mystics for Chasty Melvin. In the two games for the Sky Currie played an average of 30.5 minutes per game in that time they scored 6 rebounds and 14.5 points. After switching to the Mystics their playing time reduced to 24.9 minutes per game, thus their points average dropped to 10.5 points per game.