Mono Island

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Mono is the largest island in the Western Pacific Treasury Islands. It is located in the Western Province of the island nation of Solomon Islands.


The volcanic island is almost circular, has an area of ​​about 96 square kilometers and is densely forested. Falamae on the south coast is the largest town on Mono.

Immediately off the south coast lies the coral island of Stirling, the second largest of the Treasury Islands.


The Treasury Islands were discovered in 1788 by the Captain of the Royal Navy John Shortland ( the Elder) for Europe.

At the beginning of 1942 were occupied during World War II by Japanese troops Mono and Stirling, who were only freed in October 1943 after fierce battles for the capture of the islands. A brigade of the New Zealand 3rd Division landed on 27 October 1943 the first amphibious operation to Gallipoli in the north Monos at the Purple Beach in Soantaly. A Baubatallion the U.S. Navy landed on the same day in the south near the Japanese headquarters at Falamae. The operation was completed on November 7, 1943 so that subsequently a strategic airstrip was built on Stirling.

The earthquake of 1 April 2007 and the ensuing tsunami brought considerable destruction to homes and schools. Three people were missing.


Mono is started from time to time by cruise ships. The uninhabited island flat Stirling is also because of the relic of the World War in the ocean, a popular diving destination.