Monsters University

Monsters University (original title Monsters University) is an American computer animated film from Disney / Pixar, which started in German cinemas on 20 June 2013. In North America, the film on June 21, 2013 his debut, directed by Dan Scanlon, who worked among other things as a storyboard artist at Disney / Pixar's Cars ( 2006). The film tells the history to Monsters, Inc. and is the first prequel to a Pixarfilm. The traditional pre-film The Blue Umbrella.


The roly-poly frog green zyklopenäugige Monster Mike goggle Frankowski ( in the original English Wazowski ) has the desire to go since kindergarten on the monsters university to learn the art of scaring. It creates the recording at the university due to excellent theoretical knowledge and needs at the end of the first semester pass a practical test it. On a wooden dummy with built- scare -meter, to show that he is able to meet the standard task of studying Monsters: to frighten children.

Shortly before testing, he gets to the big bold blue pink fur monster James " Sulley " Sullivan, a highly talented but lazy scion of a renowned monster family together and punishment are both thrown out of college. Mike makes a bet with the dean that he startle Games - a student competition - wins. The price would be that he should take up his studies again. Since only university teams to take part, he enters the competition the less prestigious because unsportsmanlike team Oozma at Kappa, Sulley does the same, as it can so regain its lost status. All other teams refuse both the recording.

At the games, Mike and Sulley have to realize that they can only win if the whole team wins. Sulley and Mike so train the team Oozma Kappa, whose members already all have a dropout behind. In the final competition Sulley manipulated secretly the mechanics of the scare - meter in favor of Mike so he perfect score gets for his final task in the "Children's fright " because he fears that Mike spite of all the knowledge he has accumulated during the semester due to lack of " awfulness " is not really in a position to lead his team to victory.

While they win the competition, but Mike finds out Sulleys manipulation and therefore wants to prove that he can be really " terrible frightening ". He enters this dangerous human world, where he initially failed in the dormitory of a holiday camp, as the children find it more funny than awful. Sulley, now his friend, also ventures into the human world and together they manage the largest terrible cry of terror, which the university has ever seen, yet they are both referenced with uncontrolled risk of real people children of the university because of trespassing the human world.

Together, they begin as a helper in the mail department of the Monsters, Inc. and work their uncredited by all departments of the administration virtually at the second chance at the best Erschrecker team of highly AG.


In June 2012, Disney / Pixar released the first teaser trailer. Two long trailer was followed on 11 February 2013, and on 25 April 2013. Until then, several posters were published, including a motive for the celebration of St. Patrick 's Day.

On 8 June 2013, the film at the Seattle International Film Festival premiered. There were other demonstrations at various international film festivals. On 20 June 2013, the film was shown in the German and Swiss cinemas. In 2013 1.378.010 visitors were counted at the German box office nationwide, bringing the film finished in 19th place of the most popular films of the year.

On the opening weekend of the film in the U.S. grossed over 82.4 million U.S. dollars. Overall, the film achieved in the U.S. Box office in the amount of about 268 million U.S. dollars.

On 14 November 2013, the Walt Disney film was released on BluRay and DVD without FSK age restriction.

The Pizza Planet truck which is parked to the left of ROR - house connection, is contained in every Pixar film. Similarly, there is in every Pixar film a reference to the room A113, the Animated lectures are held in the California Institute of the Arts. In the film Monsters University of lecture by Professor Knight carries the designation A113 accordingly.

The campus of the University of monsters is largely based on the campus of the University of California, Berkeley, who is close to the Pixar headquarters in Emeryville. The wrought iron gate is the Sather Gate and modeled for the clock tower stood campanille the clock tower at the University of inspiration. The Erschreckerschule is modeled on the Hamer Hall beat Carnegie Mellon University.

German dubbed version

The German synchronous processing originated in Film & TV sync in Munich and Berlin. The dialog book authored Tobias Neumann, synchronous directed by Axel Malzacher.


On June 18, 2013 Walt Disney Records released a soundtrack to the film, which contains 20 songs.


The film received mostly good reviews. The review collection Rotten Tomatoes lists nearly 150 reviews, of which 78 % are positive.

" Pixar presents once again an almost technically perfect animated film for the whole family, which takes a look at the not so normal training monsters. They dream to earn their money later to frighten children. As usual, bursting the work of director Dan Scanton ago cute characters, enchanting visual ideas and exhilarated older viewers through charming references to pop culture and well-known College clichés. Maybe not Pixar's strongest, but still a good and recommendable movie. "


The Golden Trailer Awards, the film was awarded in 2013 in the categories of Most Original Trailer and Best Animation / Family TV Spot. He was also nominated in the categories of Best Animation / Family, Most Original TV Spot and Best in Show. At the Hollywood Film Festival Dan Scanlon and Kori Rae 2013 were awarded in the category Animation of the Year with an Hollywood Film Award. Dan Scanlon also received a nomination for a Hollywood Movie Award. At the Teen Choice Awards 2013, the film received a nomination in the category Choice Summer Movie: Comedy.

For the People's Choice Awards 2014 film in the categories of Favorite Movie and Favorite Family Movie was nominated.