Mont Fort

The Montfort is at an altitude of 3'329, 0 m above sea level. M. the highest made ​​accessible by a path in the mountain region 4 Vallées in the Valais Alps. The mountain is accessible from Verbier from the gondola and chairlift to La Chaux - aerial cableway Col des Gentianes - Mont Fort on the platform of the top station there is an igloo with 25 seats, where you can cater to a fondue. From the mountain station of the cable car leads a rocky trail to the summit cross. From the top of Mont Fort can be seen over fifty mountain peaks, including the Matterhorn, Dent Blanche, the Dent d' Herens and Mont Blanc. In the vicinity the glaciated peak of Rosa Blanche and the Grand Combin on the Glacier de Corbassière are seen.

The 125 -person cable car from the direction Siviez about Tortin to the Gentianes was built in 1982, as a glacier lift to the Glacier de Tortin. Later to be a parallel glacier lift has been added. The summit railway was completed in 1983. The Jumbo dubbed as aerial tramway (150 person gondola ) from the direction of Verbier La Chaux to the Gentianes was built in 1987. The Sommerskibetrieb was discontinued in 1999. Since the winter season 2007/2008 the glacier lifts can no longer be operated.