Montauban- de -Bretagne is a French municipality with 4861 inhabitants (as of January 1, 2011 ) in the department of Ille -et -Vilaine in the Brittany region; it belongs to the district of Rennes and the Canton of Montauban- de -Bretagne.


Under the name of Saint- Eloi Montauban existed since the 8th century. The name was changed when the landlord Olivier was built on a limestone hill a castle and called it " Mons Albanus " ( White Mountain ). The rule of Montauban was in the 12th century to the county. In the 14th century it took on the name of the castle. Later Montauban came by marriage into the possession of the Rohan family. In 1995, the community was ( to distinguish themselves from the south of France Montauban ) renamed in Montauban -de -Bretagne.



Mayor of the town since March 2008 Serge Yalu ( Socialist Party - PS).


  • Château de Montauban, 11th century, 15th century building; Visit by appointment
  • Chapel of Notre -Dame-de - Lannelou
  • The neo-Gothic parish church ( 1851)
  • The Forêt de Montauban domaniale, 530 acres


Since August 1987, a partnership with Bischenberg, Germany.

Töchte and sons of the community

  • Jacques- Félix Jan de La Hamelinaye (1769-1861), General