Monte Binga

Monte Binga North Face

The Monte Binga is the highest point of the African country of Mozambique. It reaches an altitude of 2436 meters above the sea. It projects from the Mozambique lowlands in the province of Manica on the rise for Chimanimani, the southern part of the highlands of Zimbabwe and, at its peak close beside the border. Chimanimani is a national park, from which 1756 km ² are in Mozambique.

Route of Mozambican side

The ascent of Monte Binga can be undertaken by the Mozambican side of moderate -to-severe on partially -find bad paths.

For an ascent - - cheapest access to the Chimanimani National Park, on the road from Mavita after Rotanda about 10 km west of Mavita on the northeastern boundary of the National Park is located.

It follows from the road branching off to the south, a navigable with off-road vehicles in the dry season dirt road. The national park is signposted, as well as the Chikukwa Camp, located at the end of the dirt road near the border with Zimbabwe. After about 15 kilometers south along the path describes an arc to the west. Here one encounters the small village Caricanhi. If you follow the path, you will reach a little more than 10 kilometers to the signposted camp. Unlike suggest mounted on the guide path, the path starts to Monte Binga middle of the village. Cross the river and quickly finds a well-trodden path in südsüdwestliche direction. The path initially rises on the western side of the valley to the south direction. The exact gradient changes from season to season and is likely during the rainy season from November to March in many parts not feasible. The path now turns parallel to the summit massif east to the Muerera plateau. Here one uses the first way through a little valley to cross the east ridge to the right. This is very rugged and not suitable for a climb to the summit.

After about 200 meters of altitude to reach a system of several canyon -like, deeply cut valleys. You stay in a wide arc to the south as far south and follows the main valley upstream to the west. About 300 meters below the summit you reach the south ridge, the one now following the summit, so that one has the summit massif finally almost completely surrounded.

The climb takes place as described in the upper part no path and marking and requires good fitness and alpine experience. It is important to note that even small injuries and accidents can quickly become life -threatening, it can not be expected to help. The nearest hospital in Mozambique is located about 100 km northeast of Monte Binga in Chimoio and is difficult to achieve in an emergency. There is throughout the Chimanimani National Park is no way buy food or other things.

Towards the end of the dry season, the rivers carry only far below the summit sufficient water is safe to drink.