Monte Hellman

Monte Hellman ( born July 12, 1932 in New York City, New York ) is an American film director, editor, producer. He also worked in other positions on films, such as advisors and second-unit director.

Life and work

Monte Hellman was quite early keen to bring his ideas in film form. After his high school graduation, he went to the famous Stanford University and studied theater. During his studies, he founded a theater group and studied one with her experimental pieces, by which it was known. At UCLA Hellman made ​​then its conclusion.

He gained practical experience in the late 1960s as an assistant editor in television. On this occasion Hellman met the producer Roger Corman know which is known to have encouraged many talents. Under Corman, he worked as a consultant, editor, assistant director and also as a director. His debut Beast from Haunted Cave staged Hellman 1960. He learned fast and accurate working, because under Corman, it was customary to make a movie in just a few days. As co - director and editor in the film The Terror - The Innocents 1963 Hellman met the actor Jack Nicholson know, who participated in the next two films, Hellman's, two Western. In Shooting Nicholson was co- producer, with ride in the whirlwind co-author. In the U.S., unsuccessfully, it was enthusiastically received in Europe. In the Film Festival of Cannes, both films attracted attention and were referred to as " existentialist ".

For the Universal turned Hellman 1971 film asphalt race, which also attained cult status despite lack of audience interest. The director now resorted to odd jobs. He worked again with Corman together, but the success of his films the audience remained modest. 1977 jumped Hellman as a replacement for the suddenly deceased director Tom Gries and led the project I am the greatest, a film biography of Muhammad Ali at the end. There was then ups and downs. Hellman worked in various positions in successful films: as a dialogue director on Corman's Chicago massacre, as a second- unit director Samuel Fuller's The Big Red One and Paul Verhoeven's RoboCop. Also, as an editor, he worked for renowned directors such as Bob Rafelson, Sam Peckinpah and Jonathan Demme. With Silent Night, Deadly Night 3: Better Watch Out! he turned his worst movie of 1989, but in 1992 he produced the first work of Quentin Tarantino Reservoir Dogs - Wild dogs. Then he made a creative break. In 2006 he participated with the short film Stanley 's Girlfriend on the compilation of short films Trapped Ashes.

In 2009, Hellman turned with Road to Nowhere his first feature film since 1989. The film premiered in September 2010 in the competition program of the 67 International Film Festival of Venice, where Hellmann also received a Special Lion for his work as a whole.

1997 George Hickenlooper turned a biographical documentary on Hellman's work entitled Monte Hellman: American Auteur.

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