Monte Pissis

The Monte Pissis (also Cerro Pissis ) in Argentina is 6795 m ( 6882 m, according to the Argentine Geography Institute IGM should there be a measurement error ) the third highest mountain in the Americas and most likely the second highest volcano in the world. It was first climbed in 1937 by Stefan Osiecki and Jan Szczepanski. The Andean volcanic massif located between the Argentine provinces of La Rioja and Catamarca and has five main peaks, the highest is called Pissis CAM (Club Andino Mendocino ). The rest are Gendarmeria Nacional, Cardenal Samoré, UPAME and Ejército Argentino. It is called since 1885 Pissis.

In 1994, measured using modern GPS technology for the Pissis a height of 6,882 m is an Argentine expert group. He was also the highest volcano in the world, have been even before the Ojos del Salado. However, this measure stood at follow-up measurements in subsequent years as error out; all the values ​​were thereby under 6800 m. Thus, the Pissis with probability bordering on certainty "only" the second highest volcano in the world.

Starting point for ascents are the Argentine province town Tinogasta and Fiambalá ( thermal baths ). The mountain is very remote and the base camp to his ascension can be best achieved with an all-terrain vehicle. It is therefore rarely climbed. There are no technical difficulties, however, are crampons required for the commission of the split -less glacier field. In about 6200 m you will find a suitable for the high camp ice-free surface.