Monte Santa Maria Tiberina

Monte Santa Maria Tiberina is an Italian municipality ( comune ) with 1203 inhabitants ( 31 December 2012) in the province of Perugia in Umbria.


The municipality is situated approximately 40.5 kilometers south-southeast of the provincial and regional capital of Perugia and directly borders the province of Arezzo ( Tuscany). It lies in the climatic classification of Italian communities in Zone E, ​​2487 GG and the wine region of the Colli Altotiberini. The place belongs to the Tiber Valley ( Alta Valle del Tevere and Tiber Valley called ), but is not directly on the river, and is part of the Comunità montana Alta Umbria.

The districts include Gioiello (326 meters altitude), Lippiano (401 meters altitude) and Marcignano (401 meters altitude).

The neighboring municipalities are Arezzo ( AR), Città di Castello and Monterchi (AR).


The present town was built in the 11th century by the Marquis del Monte family on an earlier settlement. A first fortification was in 1198 in a conflict with Pope Innocent III. destroyed, but was rebuilt in the following years. 1815 Affiliate Ferdinand III. the place in his duchy. Until 1927 the town was part of the province of Arezzo.


  • Castello di Lippiano Lippiano in the district, already mentioned in 1195 the castle.
  • Palazzo Bourbon del Monte, once part of the Rocca ( ​​fortress ) and family seat of the del Monte, now home to the Museo del Marche Imperiale Sato
  • Palazzo Boncompagni Ludovisi (also called Castello ), also once part of the Rocca.
  • Parrochiale di Santa Maria della famiglia contains the Cappella dei Bourbon del Monte with the family grave of del Monte.