Monterotondo is a municipality in the province of Rome in the Italian region Latium, located about 39 683 inhabitants ( 31 December 2012). It is located 28 km north of Rome.


The old town of Monterotondo is located on a ridge east of the Tiber. Most residents, however, live in the modern suburbs east of the old town and in the Tiber valley.

The neighboring municipalities are Capena, Castelnuovo di Porto, Fonte Nuova, Mentana, Monte Libretti, Palombara Sabina, Riano and Rome.


Through the municipal area the A1 Autostrada del Sole motorway runs from Milan to Naples, the nearest motorway exit is, however, Rome -Nord, 10 km north of the city. Monterotondo is located since ancient times on the Via Salaria, today as part of the SS 4 trunk road network that connects Rome with the Adriatic Sea in San Benedetto del Tronto.

Monterotondo Scalo in the district has a station on the regional train line FR1 from Rome Fiumicino Airport via Tiburtina Rome to Orte.


The predecessor town of Monterotondo was the ancient Eretum, a border town between the Latins and the Sabines. It was conquered by Gaius Nautius Rutilus 458 BC Rome.

In the Middle Ages the town was moved to more easily defensible hills of Monti Cornicolani, who, after his form Monte Rotondo ( = Round Mountain ) was named. From the 13th century it was owned by the noble family of the Orsini and 1626 of the Barberini.


Source: ISTAT


Mauro Alessandri (PD ) was elected in June 2009 for the mayor. He is 28 years with one of the youngest mayors of Latium. His center-left alliance also with 18 of 30 seats, the majority in the City Council. He loosened his party colleague Antonino Lupi from (since 2004), who did not run.


  • The Palazzo Orsini in 1286 was mentioned for the first time.
  • The Cathedral of Santa Maria Maddalena was built in the 17th century by the Barberini.
  • The Church of the Madonna delle Grazie is from the Romanesque
  • In the Archaeological Museum (Museo Archeologico di Monterotondo territorial ) are seen finds from Eretum and other ancient places in the vicinity.

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Renato Curcio ( born September 23, 1941), co-founder of the Red Brigades
  • Marco Marchionni (born 22 July 1980), Italian footballer
  • Massimo Scali (born 11 December 1979), Italian figure skaters