Montreal, Maine and Atlantic Railway

The Montreal, Maine and Atlantic Railway ( MMA) is an American regional railroad in Maine, Vermont, New Brunswick and Quebec. In Canada, the company operates under the Montreal, Maine & Atlantic Canada Company. The company is headquartered Bangor ( Maine). The route network comprises around 820 kilometers.

Route network

The network consists in principle of a west-east route and a north- south route. The east-west route goes from Saint -Jean -sur -Richelieu, are made from stretch where rights to Montreal on Sherbrooke, Lac- Mégantic to Brownsville Junction. There, the route meets the former Bangor and Aroostook Railroad from Saint Leonard (New Brunswick ) to Searsport. In addition, some shorter branch lines are still operated. Important connections are in Montreal for the Canadian Pacific Railway, in Saint Jean, Sherbrooke and Saint- Hyacinthe to the Canadian National Railway, in Bangor at the Pan Am Railways and in Brownsville for East Maine Railway.


In January 2003, founded by Edward Burkhardt Rail World acquired the assets of the bankrupt Iron Road Railways, especially the route network of the Bangor and Aroostook Railroad, and renamed the new company under the name Montreal, Maine & Atlantic Railway. The operation was the beginning of the bankruptcy of a major customer, a paper mill in Millinocket, embossed. Only through drastic austerity measures, the company could be kept alive. In the following years, however, the situation improved. With the resumption of production in the paper mills and the beginning of transports in piggyback transport, together with the New Brunswick Southern Railway on the relation Farnham - St. John enough traffic performance was acquired so that a more profitable traffic was possible.

With approximately 350 employees and a fleet of 49 locomotives of types EMD GP7, GP 38-3, F59PHI and GE C30 -7 GE C36 -7 and GE B39 -8 is mainly through traffic on the main routes and due to the favorable connections to other companies and the rail connections of important customers in Maine ensured.

In August 2009, the railway company was a plan known to the entire rail network north of Millinocket ( 388 km ) to shut down because the maintenance costs are higher than revenues. The route from Saint -Leonard (Canada) to Madawaska in the far north of the state was later excluded from this plan, the remaining routes were sold to the State, which they leased to the Eastern Maine Railway in 2011.

On July 6, 2013 burned in the Canadian town of Lac- Mégantic, on the railway line Brookport - Mattawamkeag, more laden with oil and oil products tankers. The runaway freight train had made 13 kilometers away, near the town of Nantes, independently; he derailed in the village; then it came to a railway accident at Lac- Mégantic. As a result of this accident and the high clean-up costs, the Canadian and the American company had to file for bankruptcy on August 7, 2013. In January 2014, the track was sold and purchased for 16 million U.S. dollars from the Railroad Acquisition Holdings LLC, the railway company under the name of Central Maine and Quebec Railway Inc. ( reporting mark: CMQR ) reconstitutes. The Canadian operation part, which previously operated under the name Montreal, Maine and Atlantic Railway Co. Canada, is situated as Central Maine and Quebec Railway Canada Inc.. In March 2014 are now running the accreditation process for the new railway company to the authorities of the USA and Canada and the CMQR has requested the start of operations for March 17, 2014.