Montrose (Band)

Montrose was an American hard rock band by guitarist Ronnie Montrose, which was founded in 1973 in California. Well known was the lead singer Sammy Hagar, who left the group in 1976 for a solo career and in 1986 went to Van Halen.

Band History

Montrose is named after its leader and guitarist Ronnie Montrose ( 1947-2012 ). This initially hired as a session musician with Van Morrison and the Edgar Winter Group. With Bill Church ( bass), Denny Carmassi (drums) and Sammy Hagar (vocals ), he founded Montrose. The first, self-titled album was released in the first year of the fledgling band's history. Although the album never reached a significant Charts placement, it was honored in 1986 in America with platinum. Bill Church then got out of the band and was replaced by Alan Fitzgerald.

The successor Paper Money ( ranked # 65 of the U.S. Billboard charts ) was published in 1974. Due to tensions with Ronnie Montrose Hagar left the band shortly thereafter and launched a successful solo career. For him, Bob James joined the band and sang the next album Warner Bros. Presents ... Montrose! (1975 ) a. Producer was Ronnie Montrose The album itself reached number # 79 on the U.S. charts. After the album Alan Fitzgerald got out, he later appeared with the band Night Ranger.

With Randy Jo Hobbs (bass) and Jin Alcivar (keyboards) as a replacement opened in 1976 the album Jump On It Carmassi then got out and Sammy Hagar in newly formed band. Montrose put the band on ice and founded Gamma.

In 1987, he reanimated Montrose with completely new cast again and released the album Mean.

Published in 1997 Hagar the single Little White Lie. The B-side Rock Candy was recorded with the original line-up of Montrose.

To promote the 2000 best-of compilation, toured Ronnie Montrose in 2002 along with Chuck Wright (bass, Quiet Riot ), Pat Torpey (drums, Mr. Big ) and singer Keith St. John ( Burning Rain). Originally a studio album should appear, but the plans came to nothing.

Ronnie Montrose, who suffered from alcoholism and depression for years, played in anti -M and shot himself on March 3, 2012.


Montrose seen as the first hard rock band from the U.S. that it had with the British forefathers Black Sabbath and Deep Purple can hold. The first album is now regarded as a classic of American rock history and was the first heavy metal album from the U.S.. Montrose is one of the most influential American bands of their time. However, the other albums possessed less and less about the musical innovations of the debut and suffered especially in the musical inconsistency that already made ​​clear in the line-up change -.


  • Montrose (1973 )
  • Paper Money (1974 )
  • Warner Brothers Presents ... Montrose! (1975)
  • Jump On It ( 1976)
  • Mean ( 1987)
  • The Very Best of Montrose (2000)