Morcheeba is a British trip-hop band. It was founded in London in 1995 and consists of the DJ Paul Godfrey, Ross Godfrey his brother (guitar, keyboards) and singer Skye Edwards, whose voice has shaped the sound of the band instrumental, as well as various guest musicians.

Band History

Their first album, Who Can You Trust ( 1996) is still clearly under the influence of Massive Attack. The later albums Big Calm (1998), Fragments of Freedom ( 2000) and charango ( 2002), a total of less gloomy and melancholy, but rather go in the direction of pop music ( " trip - pop" ).

After the release of the best - of album Parts of the Process, the Godfrey brothers split in April 2004 by Skye Edwards and pledged Daisy Martey as a new singer. In May 2005, the fifth album "The Antidote " was released. At the beginning of the live tour Daisy Martey got out again and was replaced by Jody Sternberg.

When published in February 2008 CD Dive Deep Morcheeba worked with various guest singers and for the first time with male vocals. The English singer Judie Tzuke can be heard on the first single from the album Enjoy the Ride, as well as in the song Blue Chair, the Norwegian singer Thomas Dybdahl sings Riverbed, Sleep On It and Washed Away, the rapper Cool Calm Pete comes in One Love Karma for use, and the singer Manda, who had applied on MySpace in the band, Gained the World, Au - delà and as a background singer sings Run Honey Run.

In February 2010 it was announced that the Godfrey brothers and Skye Edwards got together again. On 13 June 2010, they released their new joint album called Blood like Lemonade.

On October 14, 2013, the new album Head up high appeared; in short, it follows on a tour that takes them for several gigs in Germany. Guest musicians are represented on the album Ana Tijoux, James Petr Alli by White Denim, Chali 2na of Jurassic 5 and Rizzle Kicks.

The band's name is a composition of the words "MOR" (represents the music style middle-of- the-road ) and " Cheeba ", an English slang term for marijuana. Morcheeba sounds beyond also like "More Cheeba! " ( "More grass " ).


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