Mork & Mindy

  • Robin Williams: Mork from Ork
  • Pam Dawber Mindy Beth McConnell
  • Conrad Janis: Fred " Fredzo " McConnell
  • Shelley Fabares: Cathy McConnell
  • Jay Thomas: Remo Da Vinci
  • Gina Hecht: Jeanie Da Vinci
  • Elizabeth Kerr: Cora Hudson
  • Tom Poston: Franklin Delano Bickley
  • Jim Staahl: Nelson Flavor
  • Jeffrey Jacquet: Eugene
  • Jonathan Winters: Mearth
  • Ralph James: Orson
  • Robert Donner: Exidor

Mork and Mindy (Original Title: Mork & Mindy ) is an American sitcom with sci-fi elements, which aired from 1978 to 1982. The series is a spin-off of the popular series Happy Days.


The series is about an alien named Mork from the planet Ork, who is watching the people and inform superiors about Orson. To this end, he flew with his oversized space - egg to Earth. As a welcome formula he used "Nano Nano" ( in the original: " Na -Nu Na -Nu " ), he could drink with your fingers and demonstrate telekinetic feats. He did not put a violence.

The jokes were usually based on that Mork had thanks to the television acquired extensive knowledge of the earthly civilization, especially the U.S. society, even before his arrival, but this could not place correctly. According to the German dubbed version greatly suffered almost insurmountable problems of translation. The concise welcome by mutual abutment of the buttocks with the words " Hamsti - Bamsti " for example, is by no means original to Mork's alien customs and traditions back, but on untranslatable stereotypes greeting rituals and flourishes of African-Americans.


Awards (selection)

Leading actor Robin Williams received in 1979 for his role the Golden Globe Award. In the same year, the series was awarded twice with the People's Choice Award.