Morne Watt

The steep Morne Watt, seen here from the NW, a Lavadomkomplex is surrounded by deposits of pyroclastic flows. The 1224 m high volcano formed south of Wotton Waven caldera and is flanked by Morne Anglais (4 km SW) and 3 km eastern Grand Soufriere Hills.

The Morne Watt is a stratovolcano in the south east of the island nation of Dominica. With a height of 1224 m, it is the third highest mountain in the country.

The mountain is located southeast of Trois- Pitons area east of the capital Roseau. Are the Valley of Desolation and the geothermal area in the Boiling Lake on its flank.

The last eruption of the volcano is dated July 1997.