Morfou or Morphou, Greek Μόρφου, Turkish Güzelyurt or Omorfo, is a town in the north of the Mediterranean island of Cyprus.

The area around Morfou is Cyprus' most important area for the cultivation of citrus fruits, their earnings constitute a significant proportion of export revenues Northern Cyprus.

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Morfou was founded according to legend by Spartans.

To Morfou 1528 was sold by the Republic of Venice for 28,500 ducats to the Greeks Efgenios Singriticus. It belonged to the 20 largest towns of Cyprus. However, the Council of Ten reserved the right of repurchase within five years. This was actually 1530 tried 1534 even with the use of funds of the coin. Finally Efgenios paid 60,000 ducats, a then extremely high sum to keep Morphou and Aradippou in Larnaca. Additionally, he was the Signoria 20,000 ducats a year.

In Morfou madder was cultivated in the 19th century.

Before the Turkish military offensive and the war in 1974 Morfou and surrounding areas were inhabited almost exclusively by Greek-speaking Cypriots, who had to leave the area. The Annan plan was before 2004, Morfou and environment award the newly created Greek Cypriot constituent state of Cyprus. Among the motives which led to the rejection of Greek Cypriot side was considered to be too low, the compensation of the displaced persons of 1974. Added to this was that only 20 % of the displaced persons had in a period of 25 years in their places of origin are allowed to return. In contrast, the displaced persons of Turkish Cypriots were given the right of return. There was also criticism of the limited freedom of movement in the economic field and the permanent presence of the Turkish army units.


  • The monastery of Agios Mamas with the tomb of Saint Mamas
  • The Museum of Antiquities of Güzelyurt with finds of Soli
  • Environment: The ruins and the theater of ancient Greece by Soli
  • The Persian Palace of Vouni
  • The ancient settlement of Toumba tou Skourou

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35.232.983333333333Koordinaten: 35 ° 12 ' N, 32 ° 59 ' E

  • Place in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus