Mortagne -au -Perche is a commune with 4076 inhabitants (as of January 1, 2011 ) in the department of Orne in Basse-Normandie region; it is the administrative center for the district of Mortagne -au -Perche and Canton of Mortagne -au -Perche. The city is located about 12 national 40 km east of Alençon on the route. The community lies on the edge of the Perche Regional Natural Park.



Mortagne -au -Perche held annually in March, a festival of blood sausage.


Twin towns of Mortagne -au -Perche are Mopti (Mali), Boucherville (Canada) in the province of Quebec (since 1967) and Wietmarschen in Lower Saxony.

In Mortagne -born personalities

  • Joseph de Puisaye (1755-1827), noble representatives in the States General in 1789
  • Jules Clément Chaplain (1839-1909), medalist
  • Émile Chartier, called Alain (1868-1951), philosopher
  • Marie Glory (1905-2009), film actress
  • Jean Planchais (1922-2006), journalist
  • Alex Capus ( born 1961 ), Swiss journalist and writer