MOS Technology TED

The 7360 TED ( TExt display) was an All -In-One chip for sound, video, and I / O functions, which was used in the Commodore computers the 264er series. He is responsible for video and sound output, keypad scanner, memory management, DRAM refresh and clock generation. This high degree of integration, the construction cost of the 264er computer should be reduced. Chief Engineer in the development of TED was Bil Herd.

The TED tends to destruction by overheating. Thus, this case does not occur, it must be ensured that the cooling fins of the shielding plates rest on the housing of the TED. With thermal grease, heat transfer can be improved. In the Commodore 16 with aluminum-coated cardboard as a shield, a suitable Heatsinks for DIL - housing should be applied.


  • Video: 16 colors each with 8 brightness ( which does not go straight into each other ), which gives 121 different colors (the color is black black in all 8 levels )
  • Text mode: 25 lines of 40 characters
  • Standard mode with 121 colors, Blinkflag, 1 general background color
  • Extended mode with 4 background colors
  • Multicolor mode
  • Hires at 320 × 200 pixels with 2 colors from 121 per 8 × 8 pixel array
  • Multicolor at 160 × 200 pixels with 2 colors per 4 - × 8- pixel array and 2 wide screen colors ( from 121 )
  • 2 rectangular oscillators ( 100 Hz to 23 kHz )
  • One of the two oscillators can be changed from rectangular to white noise.
  • Volume to one of eight adjustable
  • With special software samples can be played with 3 -bit resolution (corresponding to 23 = 8 volume levels )
  • Keyboard query
  • 2 timers (16 bits, counting backwards )
  • Clock generator
  • DRAM refresh
  • Memory management (Memory Management Unit)

The TED was also responsible for clock generation. The CPU has not been applied with the highest frequency ( 1.773 MHz) clocked, but during the screen layout and the DRAM refresh with 0.885 MHz. This corresponded to an average frequency of about 1 MHz.