MOS Technology VIC

The VIC (Video Interface Controller ), technical name MOS Technology 6560 (NTSC version) or 6561 ( PAL version ), is a computer chip for image and sound to a TV or video monitor.

It was originally developed for cheap computer terminals and video games, but came mainly in the home computer Commodore VIC-20 used.

Frequently his successors VIC II, IIE VIC and VIC III, the (200-1000 pieces ~ ) C65 were built in the C64, C128 and im only in pre-production for use, are referred to as VIC.


The VIC was about 16 control registers, the VC -20 in the address range $ 9000 - $ 900F located, programmed. The A / D converter in the VC were 20 to read out paddles.