Mosconi Cup

The Mosconi Cup is held annually 9- Ball Pool Tournament, in which a team from Europe playing against a team from the USA. Each team consists of five to eight players. It will be held in honor of the late 1993 billiards legend Willie Mosconi annually since 1994.

The teams previously included here regularly some of the best known and best snooker players in the world. Thus, yet for most common Earl Strickland and Johnny Archer in the U.S., while for Europe Steve Davis ( also known as snooker player ), Mika Immonen Ralf Souquet and German most frequently participated.

Since 1994, the U.S. team was 12 times victorious, while Europe was able to record eight wins.

The Mosconi Cup has changed since its introduction several times the game mode. In the first two tournaments are still played to 16 points; this number has been reduced over the years, now only 11 winning sets are needed (ie, a best-of -21 mode).

In the first Mosconi Cup in 1994 and two women had to start for each team. For Europe were the Franziska Stark and Allison Fisher, Jeanette Lee for the U.S. and Vivian Villarreal. This rule was abolished for the following tournaments however.


Statistics of the previous tournaments

Statistics of each player

The following players have participated in the Mosconi Cup ( sorted by number of participants ):

Status: according to Mosconi Cup 2012

European Players

U.S. Players

Statistics by nationality

Hitherto players from 13 nations took part in the Mosconi Cup for Europe. The following table shows the number of players per country of origin, who have so far participated in the Mosconi Cup.