Mosenergo (Russian Мосэнерго ) is contained in the RTS Index energy companies from Russia. The company, based in Moscow, is one of about eight percent of the nation 's electricity production of the largest energy providers in the country.

As a founding date of Mosenergo, this is the first energy provider in Moscow at the same time and still operates the oldest thermal power station of the city, the year is 1887. Today Aktiengesellschaft Mosenergo was founded in 1993. The company specializes in electricity and district heating supply in Moscow and closer surroundings. The controlling stake of 50.9 % of Mosenergo shares owned by the Russian energy giant Unified Energy System, over 30% of Gazprom Bank and about eight per cent are owned by the city of Moscow.


  • Installed capacity for electricity generation: 10,600 MW ( 2008)
  • Thermal energy: 39,000 MW ( 2008)
  • Number of plants: 17