Mosselprom building

Mosselprom (Russian Моссельпром ) is the abbreviation for " Московское объединение предприятий по переработке продуктов сельскохозяйственной промышленности " what " Moscow Association of facilities for the processing of products for the agricultural industry " means.

Soviet time

The organization existed in the Soviet Union from 1922 to 1937. You was present through the advertising of graphic designers Alexander Mikhailovich Rodchenko and poet Vladimir Vladimirovich Mayakovsky. The advertisement was also attached to the administration building, which was built by the architect Nikolai Dmitrievich Strukow in style of constructivism in the central district of Moscow Presnensky.

, 1924 silent film Папиросница от Моссельпрома ( Papirosniza ot Mosselprom, Cigarette Girl of Mosselprom ) by Yuri Scheljabuschski from a screenplay by Alexei Fajko and Fyodor Alexandrovich Ozep with Julija Ippolitowna Solnzewa in the lead role.

21st Century

The entrepreneur Sergei Lissowski operates under the brand name Mosselprom a company that mainly processed poultry. His advertising campaigns take over the historical motifs.

The painting of the historic building has been restored to the anniversary of the city in 1997.