Motion (parliamentary procedure)

An application is available in public law or legal process in the desire of a behavior by a public body (authority or court ). The latter differs from the mere suggestion by the fact that when you apply a decision is expected, and the applicant has a right to a decision. Likewise, applications to other Einrichtingungen, such as companies, associations or schools can be found.

In a parliament ( Bundestag, Landtag etc. ) an application is a pressure thing that was created by a political group or a group of MPs. By requesting that Parliament will be asked to decide something. These are amendments to existing laws in general. Parliament agreed to proceed to vote on this motion. An assumption is a binding request to the government to implement the written down in the application demands. Case of rejection, the submission failed.

Formally, a distinction is made between applications and draft legislation.

The sum of the requests made after the editorial deadline is the agenda. A special form of parliamentary proposal is the urgency of the request.

In private law is a proposal the offer to conclude a contract.