The Motronic (derived from Motorelektronic ), ( registered trademark of Robert Bosch GmbH) is a freely programmable, digital control system for petrol engines.

The system introduced in 1979 summed together for the first time fuel injection and ignition system to an electronic engine controller, whereas the previous system, L- Jetronic, which was a pure fuel injection system with separate ignition system. With the first Motronic engine control with a microcontroller was integrated into a production vehicle. The first vehicle in which the Motronic was used was the BMW 732i.

Since 1995, increasingly replacing systems with electronic accelerator E-Gas (ME- Motronic ) the hitherto usual cable systems, whereby the motor speed control is done completely electronically. MED - Motronic (from 2000) identifies an additional injection.

More, but less common variants are

  • MEG - Motronic: integrated transmission control
  • MEV - Motronic: Integrated Valvetronic control