Motu Nao

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Motu Nao, other name: Rocher Thomasset (French Thomasset rock, also Roche de Thomasset written ) is about a hundred to a few hundred square meters large rock island in the Pacific that geographically to the Marquesas Islands, French Polynesia and politically (municipality Fatu Hiva ) belongs. It is the tip of an undersea volcano that of the island only has depths up to 41 meters to 500 meters away. The island is called on older cards also Ariane Ariane or skirt, by the mid-19th century to the French Pacific squadron belonging corvette L' Ariane. Motu Nao is 22 km northeast of Fatu Hiva and should not be confused with the Motu Nao Nao, a small sand island on the southern tip of Raiatea.

The island is uninhabited and without vegetation. Its highest point is only four meters above sea level.


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