• Jürgen Holtz: Friedhelm Motzki
  • Jutta Hoffmann: Edith Rosenthal
  • Eva Mattes: Gisela Klipschitz
  • Albert Kitzl: Gülüsan Üksknürz

Motzki is designed by the German writer Wolfgang Menge 13 - part television series from 1993 in which the German - German feelings were satirically commented shortly after the reunification. It was produced by the Cologne production company filmpool for NDR and WDR and ran of 2 February 1993 to 27 April 1993 at the evening program of the ARD. The director of the series, Thomas Nennstiel.


The title character of the series is Friedhelm Motzki, former driving instructor and early retirees from the West Berlin district of Wedding workers, forever nagging and tormented by the idea to constantly come up short. The reunion he is looking back towards negative. He fears the " Easterners " would inundate the West, which it will go to him even worse.

As Motzkis Doris dies, his sister Edith comes from the East Berlin ( " GDR " ) to help him settle the estate and to lead him the budget. The differences between Motzkis West Berlin World and Edith DDR world we can clearly see. Edith is an unemployed former kindergarten teacher, who led the Stasi a subordinate kindergarten. On the occasion of the funeral of their cousin Gisela, who is married to a gatekeeper of the Bundestag in Bonn appears.


  • The protagonist was compared to the beginning of the broadcast with the also created by Wolfgang quantity Alfred Tetzlaff from the television series One heart and one soul.
  • The series has been extremely controversial from the audience - many called for because of the nagging of the protagonist against the " Easterners " the cancellation of the series. Producers and supporters defended it as irony would just ask for mutual understanding.
  • As East German response to Motzki the MDR series The Trotsky produced, not least as a result of this controversy, in 1993.
  • In Good bye Lenin Starring Jürgen Holtz parodied the Motzki: He plays the East Berlin, which - as a kind of running gag - periodically shows up and about the " Westerners " upset.


  • Since the spring of 2009, the series is complete on DVD in stores.