Mount Apo

Mount Apo


Mount Apo is with 2954 meters the highest mountain in the Philippines and is located in the province of Cotabato on the island of Mindanao. A few kilometers north-east is the city of Davao City. The Apo is a stratovolcano and has a total of three peaks. The date of its last eruption is unknown.

For the first time the mountain on 10 October 1880 climbed by a group led by Don Joaquin Rajal. Mount Apo is a popular hiking destination, as its summit can be reached without climbing techniques. Are expected to be about three days for the ascent and descent on the main route from the west via Kidapawan. It is possible to take a local guide. The path leads through woodland long and is partly slippery and wet. The road from the south-west of the village of New Israel is shorter. There are two rare committed ascent routes from the south and from the east.

On 9 May 1936, the area around the volcano of Manuel Quezon was declared the Mount Apo Natural Park. It has the status of a national park, which is home to over 270 bird species. Of these, about 100 are endemic.

Those based here people by the people of Bagobas applies the Apo as the Holy Mountain. The sulfur vapors of solfataras were an incarnation of God Mandarangan for them. In older ethnological reports even human sacrifice for the mountain to be mentioned.