Mount Arayat

The Arayat is an inactive stratovolcano on the Philippine main island of Luzon. The time of the last eruption is unknown, but it probably took place during the Holocene.

The volcano is located in a flat, agricultural area in the municipality of Arayat in the province of Pampanga. 16 km west of Arayat lie Angeles City and former U.S. Air Force Base Clark Air Base, the volcano Pinatubo another 26 km to the west. As a single standing mountain in the plane he is the most important landmark of the province of Pampanga dar. 8.6 km (5.4 miles) northwest, on the northern outskirts of the city of Magalang, is the Angeles City Flying Club, where flights are offered with ultralights to visit the Arayat from the air.


Two paths lead to the two peaks of Arayat. One runs from the municipality of Arayat by the Mount Arayat National Park on the Peak 1 from Peak 1 are Zentralluzon with the flow Pampanga, the Zambales Mountains and Bataan to the west and the mountains of Sierra Madre in the east to see. Peak 2 can be reached from Magalang from.

Arayat from NNW direction: Distance around 8 km, altitude above ground approximately 120 m

Arayat from the air. In the background of the Pampanga River