Mount Gahinga

Gahinga (left) and Muhabura, on the border of Rwanda and Uganda

The Gahinga is a mountain in Uganda and the smallest of the volcanoes in the Virunga chain. The summit area is characterized by a large crater in which an Afro- alpine swamp has formed. The summit lies on the border between Rwanda and Uganda.

He is currently (as of December 2005) only from Uganda (Mount Mahinga National Park ) to climb. The climb takes about three hours and is only allowed if accompanied by licensed guides who at any time are in Mount Mahinga Headquarter available. Guests have to pay park entrance fees as well as mountain climbing rate (about 20 per U.S. $). The rise first via an open, very fertile lava, then into a bamboo forest and then goes into the typical Afro- alpine flora landscape that extends to the edge of the crater.

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