Mount Gharat

Mount Garat taken from Lake Letas

The Mount Garat is the largest and most active of the intra- caldera volcanoes in the crater of the volcano island Gaua in Vanuatu. It lies on the southwestern shore of the crater lake Lake Letas. The peak of Mount Garat is occupied by three Pitkratern. In the lake there are a few other various cinder cones.

1962 ended a long resting phase of the volcano, as opened up a column on the southeast flank. Since then, it comes at Mount Garat repeatedly to smaller eruptions. This stronger eruptions caused the population of the island again and again to escape.

Signs of an impending eruption here are a rising water levels and increased water temperatures. Also the color of the water can vary, which is caused by volcanic gases. This also heat the water. The increase of the water level might be due to an intrusion magma which raises the bottom of the water.