Mount Helicon


Helikon ( neugriech. Ελικώνας Elikōnas; . Ancient Greek Ἑλικών Helikon ) is the name of a mountain in the Greek countryside Boeotia. The highest elevation is 1748 m. It is located north of the Gulf of Corinth.

The two sources Aganippe and Hippocrene located in the mountains.

Mythology and literature

In ancient times, the Helikon was considered the seat of the Muses, until they were brought by Apollo at Delphi. The two sources Aganippe and Hippocrene are - according to the Greek mythology - created by a Huftritt of Pegasus. The nymph of the mountain was an echo.

In the famous Literaturexkurs in Gottfried von Strassburg Tristan Gottfried calls the mountain of (v. 4860 ff ) to overcome his Sprachnot that prevents him to talk about the knighting Tristan.