Mount Napier

Mount Napier

Mount Napier in Victoria is one of the youngest volcanoes in Australia.


The Mount Napier is located in Mount Napier State Park about 270 kilometers west of Melbourne and 17 km from Hamilton. The volcano was last active 5290 years before our era. The lava flow of Mount Napier gave to Mount Eccles, about 25 km south-west along the Harmans Valley until after Byaduk North. The Lavaschuf basalt hills. These hills, in Australia also called tumuli, are unique to the Australian Kontint and they rarely come in the rest of the world before. They were formed from leaks and heat when the lava came to the surface. Some quarries and lava tubes are located at Byaduk.

Mount Napier has a composite Lavaschild with a superimposed scoria cone. The cone rises 150 m above the surrounding plain, the mountain reaches a height of 440 m and makes the highest point in the plane of the Western District of Victoria Plain. Mount Napier is a part of the geological Newer Volcanics Province, which formed the youngest volcanic center in Australia. It covers an area of 15,000 km ² and has 400 volcanic vents.


View of the volcano rim

View from Harmans Valley to Mount Napier

Eroded Lavahügel