Mount Oeta


The Iti Mountains ( Greek: Iti Οίτη, OITE Οἴτη ancient Greek, Latin Oita, Ota or Eta ) is a south-eastern foothills of the Pindos mountain after its highest peak ( 2,152 m) named. It is located in the Greek region of Fthiotida between the valley of Sperchios and the headwaters of the Boeotian Kifisos.

In the eastern part Καλλίδρομος ( Kallidromos ) its foothills bordering close to the Gulf of Malia and leave it there only a very narrow transition free, the famous pass of Thermopylae. There was also a high pass in the West of Kallidromos, which leads to the high-altitude Kephisos Valley.

In the mythology of Oita is, or the southern summit Πυρά ( Pyra, 1560 m), as the place named on which stood the pyre on which Heracles burned before he was allowed to go to Mount Olympus.

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