Mount Ontake

The Ontake (Japanese御 岳山, Ontake -san, literally " venerable summit " on- is a Honorativpräfix ) of Nagano Prefecture is a volcanic massif and is located 100 km north-east of Nagoya on the border of Aichi Prefecture.

Its highest summit, the Kengamine (剣ヶ峰) is 3067 m high. Located at Kengamine Ni -no- ike, Japan's highest mountain.

The Ontake located in the northern caldera with a four to five kilometers in diameter, which was created 70000-90000 years ago. A second summit caldera in the area with cira two kilometers in diameter may be formed in an eruption 23,000 years ago. The only eruption in historical time took place between October 1979 and April 1980. It rose from several craters south on the summit of ash and steam. In September 1984, an earthquake triggered a landslide on the southern slope of the volcano that killed 29 people.

The Ontake is the center of a number of religious beliefs and practices of various Shugendō and Shinto factions (such as the Ontake - kyō ), which are collectively referred to as Ontake Shinko.