Mount Popa

Taung Kalat Monastery on

Mount Popa is an extinct volcano in the Myingyan level in central Myanmar, about 50 km south-east of the temple city of Bagan in Mandalay Division.

When a massive earthquake 442 BC, Mount Popa pushed about 1,000 m from the plane. The height above sea level is 1518 m. The fertile volcanic soil in the midst of the barren environment brought forth countless flowers in all colors. From the Sanskrit word for ' flower' ( Popa ) of the mountain got its name.

Occasionally, the 737 m high, south west Taung Kalat volcanic peak is called Mount Popa. At the top there is the Tuyin Taung Pagoda. On and on leading up, covered stairs many monkeys, which feed on the gifts of the visitors live.

Mount Popa is considered as abode of the Nats, representing the patron saint of Myanmar.


The Tuyin Taung Pagoda on the volcanic cone Taung Kalat