Mount Putuo

The Putuo Shan (Chinese普陀山, Pinyin Pǔtuó Shān ), Putuo, Zhoushan also, is an island off the coast of Zhejiang near Shanghai in China. It belongs to the archipelago Zhoushan. Putuo is an important place for the Chinese Buddhism, and is connected to Guanyin, the Bodhisattva is the most famous in China.

The name Putuo Shan means as much as " Potala Mountain ", which is considered as the seat of the Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara in the Buddhist tradition, that of Guanyin, as the Chinese name is.


The island is located about 100km from Shanghai, across the Hangzhou Bay. The nearest town with an airport is Zhoushan. The island is 12.5 square kilometers. The highest elevation on the island is 300 meters of the country Foding (佛顶山). He is one of the four most important mountains for Buddhism in China.


In the year 863 the Japanese monks Hui'e built (慧 锷) and Zhang -shi (张氏) a statue of Guanyin in the Chaoying Cave (潮音洞). This place has been a famous tourist attraction later.

Previously, Japanese troops were stationed on the island. Today will be around the island many smaller gunboats the Chinese army at anchor.


Landmarks include the addition of the 20 -meter Guanyin Statue over 20 temples, especially the Puji Temple (普 济 禅寺), the Fayu Temple (法 雨 禅寺), the Huiji Temple (慧 济 禅寺) and the Zhengfa Temple (正法 讲 寺).