Mount Tomorr

The Tomorr ( Albanian: Tomorri, rarely Tomor respectively. Tomori ) is with 2415 meters above sea level. A. one of the highest mountains in southern Albania. 4000 hectares are protected as a national park Tomorr.


The Tomorr located east of the town of Berat between the valleys of the Osum and Tomorrica, a left tributary of the Devoll. The massif rises south of Elbasan from the Central Albanian lowlands and extends over tens of kilometers in a north-south direction.

The mountain has two main peaks: in the north, 2415 m above sea level. A. high cuka e Partizanit respectively Maja e Partizanit, about eight kilometers from the southern tip of 2402 m above sea level. A.. Mali i Tomorrit By contrast, mostly a collection of a few hundred meters north of the southern tip is called, the 2379 m altitude. A. measures. More about ten kilometers separate the southern tip of the southeastern mountain Mali i Kulmakut, with 2174 m above sea level. A. The third major survey in the massif.

The Tomorrica river on the east side has the same name as the mountain.

Holy Mountain

At about 1200 m above sea level. A. is the grave of Abbas Ali, the Tyrba e Kulmakut. The pilgrimage is also called Father Tomorr. Abbas Ali was a half-brother of Husain, the grandson of the Prophet Mohammed, who both died in the Battle of Karbala. Abbas Ali's soul could be in the faith of the Bektashi after his martyrdom on the mountain down before she climbed into the sky. Abbas Ali had never been alive in Albania.

The Sufi Order of the Bektashi order is celebrating the 15th August, a multi-day festival of sacrifice on the Tomorr, come to the partially up to 10,000 pilgrims climb the mountain. During the period of the communist regime of Enver Hoxha this was not allowed. Religious activities only found out after the fall of communism in the early 1990s a revival. A central component of religious pilgrimage ritual is the ritual sacrifice of a sheep and the visit of the tomb of Ali Abbas.

On the two peaks - probably originally only on the lower South Summit - are Türben by Abbas Ali. On Kulmak pass between the South Summit and the Mali i Kulmakut is a known Tekke.