Mount Warning

Mount Warning to recognize as a silhouette, viewed from Point Danger from.

Mount Warning (in the language of the aborigines called Wollumbin ) is the central volcanic vent of the Tweed Volcano, one of the largest volcanoes in Australia and the Southern Hemisphere. The 1156 meter high mountain is located 6 km from Uki and 14 km from Murwillumbah away in the state of New South Wales, near the border with Queensland.


The name Mount Warning forgave the British navigator James Cook on his voyage of discovery on 16 May 1770, when he sailed along the coast. Cook wanted to point out that there are dangerous waters with reefs after him coming ships. In the language of the aborigines of Bandjalung - Yugambeh is the " Wollumbin " the patriarch of the mountains. There are also other interpretations as clouds catcher or weather -maker.


The Tweed Volcano collapsed from about 23 million years ago from lava, ash Ryholith and rain. Over a period of 3 million years, a large volcanic crater complex with a height of 1900 meters was built. In the long period, there were also periods of rest. Today, the crater of the volcano is largely eroded. The rim is still in the Tweed Valley recognizable, where it reaches a height of 1000 meters. In the center of the shield volcano is today the Mount Warning. The eruptions of the volcano took place in three phases, first flowing lava, then followed the explosive phase, was ejected in the rhyolite. In the final phase of lava flowed again. In addition to the central crater, today's Mount Warning, there were also side vents.

Today, situated on the territory of the Tweed Volcano mountains and mountain ranges such as the Border Ranges and McPherson Range and the tablelands Tambourine Mountain, Lamington Plateau and Springbrook plateau.

Mount Warning / Wollumbin Trail

A 4.4 km long hiking trail leads from Breakfast Creek to the summit. More than 60,000 people deny this way every year. The hike requires some fitness. Because the mountain is used by the local Aboriginal people for ceremonies, is asked for consideration.

The trail was on January 26, 2013 severely damaged by heavy rainfall and locked by the management of the National Park. It was only on September 23, 2013 he was released again.

Mount Warning National Park

The original Mount Warning National Park, in the Mt Warning is located, has been expanded in 2009 and renamed Wollumbin National Park. Today, it covers an area of ​​4117 ha National Park is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Gondwana Rainforests of Australia.


Due to its very eastern location and its height of Mount Warning in the morning brightens as the first point of the Australian mainland from sunlight. With the title Mt Warnings Youth Bird of the mountain is also entered the Australian newer songs.



View from Beechmont (Queensland )

View from Clarrie Hall Dam

Evening at Clarrie Hall Dam

Panorama from the summit of Mount Warning