Mountain View, California

Santa Clara County


Mountain View is a city in Santa Clara County in the U.S. state of California, in the heart of Silicon Valley, with around 74,000 inhabitants. Your name owes to the views of the Santa Cruz Mountains the city.

Mountain View is located at the northern end of California State Route 85, where the road to U.S. Highway 101 meets and merges with the California State Route 237. The historic El Camino Real route touches the city.


According to the data collected in 2010 census 74,066 people lived in Mountain View. Ten years earlier, in 2000, there were 70,000, making an increase of about 4,000 was recorded. The demographic picture shows that in the city, a relatively low proportion of whites living, namely only half. Whites are still the largest singular ethnic group in the city. Around a quarter of the population is Asian stocky, like what U.S. standards is a very high proportion of California as common. Latinos and other people of Hispanic origin make up 21 percent of the population. African Americans, however, are represented weakly with a population share of two percent. The census also revealed that 2010 33.881 households existed in the city as well as that of 100 women 103.5 males. The median age was 35.9 years.


Mountain View is one of the most important cities in Silicon Valley. Google, Symantec, Plaxo, the Mozilla Foundation, the Microsoft departments MSN / Hotmail / MSN and Xbox TV and the NASA Ames Research Center are just a few high-tech companies that are based in Mountain View. Nokia Internet Communications also has its headquarters in the city. Additionally, Intel was founded here and the Computer History Museum has found its final location.

Mountain View is the first city in the U.S., which is completely covered with Internet access free wireless, for which Google has installed the radio antenna and the connection provides. In this regard, the city has a model character. In the city there is also the DNS root name server E, which is operated by NASA.

Companies with headquarters in Mountain View:


  • Japan Iwata (Japan)
  • Belgium Hasselt (Belgium )