Mountain Wilderness

Mountain Wilderness is an international conservation organization that sees its main task in the shelter of the original spaces of the earth.

Mountain Wilderness was established in 1987 in Biella by many famous mountaineers and alpinists. In six theses calling for the active protection of the mountain world. Mountain Wilderness is politically and financially independent and is funded from private donations.


International Coordinator: Jordi Quera, Catalonia

Representatives: Bernard Amy (F), Núria Balagué (CAT ), Bernard Batschelet (CH ), Patrick Berhault (F), Edwin Bernbaum (USA ), Sir Chris Bonington (UK), Lionel Daudet (F), Fausto De Stefani (I ), Kurt Diem Berger (A), Maurizio Giordani (I ), Richard Goedeke (D), Alessandro Gogna (I ), Jean -Christophe Lafaille (F), Arish Kapadia (India ), Nicole Niquille (CH), Fosco Maraini (I ), François Labande (F), Olivier Paulin (F ), Mario Rigoni Stern (I), Carlo Alberto Pinelli (I), Jordi Quera (CAT ), Ludovico Sella (I), Josep Sicart (CAT )

Honorary President was Sir Edmund Hillary (1919-2008), New Zealand

Mountain Wilderness currently consists of eight regional groups in seven countries:

  • MW Belgium
  • MW Germany
  • MW France
  • MW Italy
  • MW Catalonia
  • MW Switzerland
  • MW Spain
  • MW Netherlands


Among the most important actions of Mountain Wilderness International include:

Mountain Wilderness Switzerland

Mountain Wilderness Switzerland is committed to the responsible use and effective protection of the mountains. Also, future generations will be able to experience an unspoilt and wild mountains.

Mountain Wilderness is active among others in the following areas:

  • Actions against heliskiing, the off-road driving and volumes of waste as well as against the creeping blight of mountain landscapes.
  • Develop codes of conduct for sportsmen and women. For a natural mountain sports Mountain Wilderness calls for a mountain sport that his real capital - the unspoilt mountain scenery and the environment - in moderation uses instead of destroying it.
  • Mediating between the different interests that meet in the mountains, for the sustainable development of mountain regions.

Mountain Wilderness Germany

Mountain Wilderness Germany eV, the German branch of Mountain Wilderness, is a nonprofit organization with headquarters in Munich. Priorities of the State Association are, inter alia, a natural and socially responsible mountain tourism ( publications on mountain sports by public transport), the glacier protection ( here especially the commitment to new glacier surveying in the Pitz Valley ), as well as demonstrations and public relations with new snow guns and land clearing for trails on the German Alps.

Board (February 2007):

  • Michael Proettel (Chairman)
  • Gotlind sheet Schmidt ( treasurer )
  • Karin Lankes (Secretary )
  • Richard Goedeke ( guarantor of Mountain Wilderness International)

Since November 2010:

  • Michael Proettel (Chairman)
  • Gotlind Blechschmidt
  • Karin Lankes
  • Guido Jablonski