As Barker dealers are referred to markets hawking audible using the human voice their goods. This is considered a verbal Advertise for commercial purposes.

The meaning of the term was originally a negative. The Barker played the role of the quack and the charlatan in the markets of the Middle Ages and the early modern period. They described him as:

It is true that the German language the term blatantly pejorative because intrusive and annoying, to the present day preserved, however the Barker plays an accepted role in many weekly markets. Certain Barker have made a name on the market place. The Leipzig Original Oscar Seifert (1861-1932) was one of the famous Saxon propagandists in the 20th century.

In some regions Barker competitions have attained the status of an attraction.

Aalverkäufer at the fish market in Hamburg

Aal Kai at the Altona fish market