Mozilla Calendar Project

The Mozilla Calendar was a Mozilla software project that promoted the development of the calendar software Mozilla Sunbird and Thunderbird Lightning extension. Sunbird and Lightning are free software and are under the Mozilla tri - license: the Mozilla Public License, the GNU General Public License and the GNU Lesser General Public License.


The project began as an extension for the Mozilla project, under the name Mozilla Calendar with a calendar application with integrated personal information manager, which was based on the open standard iCalendar. Originally, the software was developed as part of the Mozilla suite, but then replaced by Mozilla Sunbird and Lightning. Just like the other Mozilla projects Mozilla Calendar was cross-platform, using the XUL user interface language. The program ran under Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and FreeBSD.

The Mozilla Calendar Project was announced in October 2001 by the Mozilla Organization ( the current Mozilla Foundation). The original program code of the Mozilla Calendar donated by œOne (now Axentra ), which have developed it for the in-house Mozilla -based desktop system. The project was led initially by œOne Leaders Mike Potter. A short time later, Mike Potter and his team had to give up the development, as other projects took precedence. So Mostafa Hosseini became the new project.

The initial plan was for Mozilla Calendar, possibly to integrate it into the Mozilla Application Suite in addition to the other components. However, the plan was abandoned when Mozilla decided to focus on the expectant standalone programs instead of the integrated suite.

Mozilla Calendar could be installed as a component of the Mozilla Application Suite, or as an extension to the Mozilla Firefox browser or the Mozilla Thunderbird mail client. This extension but was replaced by the Lightning project, a project with the same functions and objectives, but a much better integration of Thunderbird.