MPEG-1 Audio Layer I

MPEG-1 audio Layer 1 (MP1 ) is a standard of the Moving Picture Experts Group methods for audio data compression. An attempt is made to produce any audible to humans losses.

The first audio layer is a precursor of the known audio format MP3. Used a filter bank with 32 bands of equal bandwidth. The quantization of each band is chosen so that the signal imperceptible parts from becoming quantization noise. In comparison to the established this MP3 format audio still contained the slightest form of the complexity and compression.

MPEG-1 audio Layer 1 with a bit rate of 384 kbit / s is used in the developed by Philips Digital Compact Cassette (DCC) as the audio coding. The former name of the company Philips for this codec was PASC and stood for Precision Adaptive Sub -band coding.