Mr Hublot

Mr Hublot is a Luxembourg- French, animated short film by Laurent wit and Alexandre Espigares from the year 2013.


Monsieur Hublot lives in a small apartment of a mechanized world in which people can fly through the air. Hublot lives quietly. His apartment is full of books he assigns constantly, and full of framed pictures, which he constantly checked for their correct orientation towards. He often turns the light on and off. Before the door opens Hublot, which has numerous ticks, rare, although some mechanical flowers are on his terrace.

Hublot Looks out of his window, he sees again and again a little robot dog who lives as strays in a cardboard box. The cardboard box is located in front of a large, run-down hall that is available for Sale. The barking or howling of the dog is the only irregular tone that bothers Hublots life. One day he can not work checked and looks out the window by the continuous barking of the dog. He realizes that the garbage disposed of all cardboard boxes and can mechanically crush the garbage truck. Panicked, he wants to run out of the house, but, stopped by his Tick to have the light on and off. He only comes on the street when the garbage truck has already left. Hublot is sad, but leaves shortly afterwards the dog beside him. Hublot takes the dog with him. This grows with time, more and more, Hublot takes his first regular routine and finally the view. When the dog is so large that it can no longer move in the house and threatened to blow up the apartment, Hublot engages vigorously for cordless screwdriver and dismantled the dog into its component parts. Shortly thereafter, one sees that the action only served to move. Hublot has bought the hall opposite, which now offers enough space for him and the dog.


Mr Hublot based on templates the Belgian sculptor Stéphane Halleux. The film was realized as 2D and 3D animation with Maya, with director Laurent joke has acquired his knowledge in 3D animation largely self. The film was the first collaboration of its production company founded in 2007 with its ZEILT Productions, founded with colleagues in 2010, production company Watt Frame. In the film, the songs Mr Hublot and Robot Pet by Li -Lo are listening to.

Mr Hublot ran at numerous international film festivals, including in June 2013 at the festival Dimension 3 in Paris, on October 15, 2013 at the International Film Festival Warsaw and the end of October at the Tirana International Film Festival. The film was also aired on November 5, 2013, the channel arte.


At the International Film Festival Warsaw 2013, the film was shown in competition at the Short Grand Prix. Mr Hublot won the 2013 Festival Prize of the Kerry Film Festival and won the award for best short film of the festival Animago 2013 in Potsdam. The film was awarded the 2014 Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film.