Mr Puntila and his Man Matti

  • Puntila ( landowner )
  • Matti ( servant of the Lord Puntila )
  • Eva ( daughter of Mr. Puntila )
  • Attaché
  • Fredrik, the judge
  • Smuggler Emma
  • Sandra, the telephonist
  • Cow girl
  • Fina ( maid )
  • Laina ( cook)
  • Probst
  • Provost
  • Cattle doctor
  • Top
  • Fat man
  • Worker
  • Redhead
  • The red Surkkala
  • Lawyer
  • Forest workers
  • Pharmacist Miss

Puntila and his Man Matti is from 1940/1941 arisen theater of Bertolt Brecht, which premiered on June 5, 1948 at the Schauspielhaus Zurich under the direction of Kurt Hirschfeld. He gets his inspiration was the play " Sägemehlprinzessin " the Finnish poet Hella Wuolijoki, was on the Good Brecht during his exile in Finland. The work was written - with Wuolijokis support - for a competition of Finnish playwright Association. It was translated by Wuolijoki into Finnish and published in 1946 under the title " The squire Iso - Heikkilä and his servant Kalle ". Brecht was also influenced by the film City Lights.


The Finnish landowner Puntila is sober a drunk exploiters and a philanthropist. Fasting Puntila wants his daughter to marry an aristocrat, drunk with his chauffeur Matti. Drunk he becomes engaged successively with the smuggler Emma, the pharmacist lady, the cow girl and the switchboard operator; but then also really seem to be the four for fun on the scheduled engagement, the sober Puntila chasing them back from the farm.

His daughter Eva estimates the attaché, whom she is to marry according to her father's wish, although very high, but doubts that he is the right man for her, because she was a very lively person and easily with the very conservative and always correct Attaché could be bored. To break up the engagement, she even pretends to have an affair with Matti in the bathing hut. However, the attaché seems to believe the driver that they had only played cards in the bathing hut. At this point is debatable whether he is just too naive or his debts are so large that it is dependent on the ( quite considerable ) dowry, which he obtained by his marriage to Eva.

All the efforts of Eva, to prevent the engagement will fail. Puntila is not drunk at the engagement party when he realizes that the attaché is a weakling and no man for his daughter; but this insight led him to get drunk. The drunken Puntila becomes, the more he dislikes " the face " of the attachés, so that he even chases him out of the house and stones herwirft behind him. Eva takes care of the little, on the contrary, it is glad to be rid of him.

As Puntila finally determines the chauffeur Matti to son, this subjects the daughter of the rich an exam, in which it is to prove that she could make him happy. The result of this test: Rich and poor can not come together; Eva simply does not meet the requirements set by Matti on a wife.

The next morning, the sober Puntila trying everything to put right what he has done on the previous day, and shall make a decision, all the alcohol he has to destroy, so that such a thing can not happen again. Rather than throw the alcohol out of the window, but he begins to drink it from a glass, which has " officious " brought him Matti, and promises him recently he wanted even dismissed, only a raise, then even a part his forest. In the final scene Matti leaves early in the morning the yard because he has realized that it can no longer go on, and he does not want to wait until Puntila sober wake up and it pulls him accountable.


Puntila: The squire is a capitalist and exploiter, but when he's drunk, he advanced to become the philanthropist ( describes himself as a communist ). In particular, from the scene " Puntila and his Man Matti climb the Hatelmaberg " it can be concluded that Puntila is addicted to alcohol (or prone to alcoholism). Its behavior is similar to a dissociative identity disorder and schizophrenia, however, is caused by the influence of drugs. While he is drunk, grow its moral claims.

Matti: The driver of Puntila (also referred to as a " servant " ), is next to the landowner, the second main character of the play. Matti is mostly good-natured and endures his superiors usually, no arguing. However, recently, he leaves the estate, as he with high alcohol consumption does not see a future for his or her employment with Puntila after one night.

Eva: Is the daughter of the landlord, it is to be engaged to the Attaché. But this she refuses due to his character and preferred instead the chauffeur Matti, with which it does not come to an engagement.


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