Mr. Big (band)

Mr. Big is a hard rock band from the United States.

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The band (formerly and later Racer X ), founded in 1989 by the well-known ex- David Lee Roth band bassist Billy Sheehan and guitarist Paul Gilbert Shredding in Los Angeles. Sheehan had previously been playing with his band Talas bass and was a member of the band to David Lee Roth, with whom he had received the Eat ' em and Smile and Skyscraper albums. In addition to Paul Gilbert, who is known for his guitar playing, picking out the singer Eric Martin and Pat Torpey (drums) as band members.

The band got a record deal with Atlantic Records and went into the studio; the self-titled debut album by Mr. Big was published in 1989, as the singles title of " Big Love" and "Addicted To That Rush" were published. Mr. Big peaked at number 46 on the Billboard 200 and stayed 18 weeks on the Billboard charts.

Breakthrough and success (1989-1997)

With their second album, Lean Into It, that struck also by its cover, Mr. Big in 1991 his international breakthrough. The album, which was produced by Kevin Elson, contained the subsequent hit single To Be With You, with which the group stormed the charts worldwide; in Germany and the U.S., they even reach the number one. The album made ​​it to number 15 on the Billboard 200 and stayed 38 weeks in the charts. To be With You reached the top position on 29 February 1992 stayed there for three weeks and had a total of 24 weeks in the Billboard Hot 100 also then released single, Just Take My Heart, was able to assert itself in the charts: 23 Weeks and Place 16 of the Hot 100

At this time, first tensions were already clear and it came more and more often during rehearsals and performances open to arguments between the band members. Nevertheless, the group recorded another album, which was again produced by Kevin Elson. It received the title Bump Ahead, and once again succeeded Mr. Big a hit, this time with the cover version of Cat Stevens ' "Wild World ", with the 100 it went up to # 27 in the Hot. The next single from Bump Ahead went on the Hot 100, however, almost under: It reached only number 86 and was at 6 weeks outside again. The album reached # 82 on the Billboard 200, also held up six weeks, and then disappeared from the charts.

From this point on the career of the group for the most part played out in Japan, where Mr. Big were one of the most successful international artists. However, due to this fact they got more and more international in oblivion.

Mr. Big went back into the studio and recorded another studio album: Hey Man! appeared in 1996, but only increased in Germany and Switzerland in the charts. In the USA the title Take Cover was to use as the soundtrack to the animated series Mega, Is not Seen Love Like That was released as a single. After its routes Paul Gilbert got out of the band. He was replaced by Richie Kotzen, who was previously with the band Poison their original guitarist CC DeVille had replaced.

New Instrumentation and dissolution (1997-2002)

With sucks Mr. Big took the next album in attack: Get Over it was released in 1999 in Japan and reached there with the single Super Fantastic the top spot on the charts. At the end of the following tour of Japan played Mr. Big New Year's Eve 1999 along with Aerosmith at the Tokyo Dome in Tokyo. In March 2000, Get Over it appeared in the U.S. and Europe.

Within the band, tensions arose after Billy Sheehan had decided to Steve Vai, with whom he had already played together with David Lee Roth, to accompany them on the tour as a bass player. Therefore, he was the songwriting to Actual Size, the successor to Get Over it, hardly involved. The album was released in 2001 in Asia. Despite the success, the Mr. Big had there ( the album reached # 3 on the Japanese charts, the single Shine again the top spot ), decided Eric Martin, Pat Torpey and Richie Kotzen that Sheehan had to leave the band, and fired him. Your manager forced indeed to retrieve Sheehan, but Sheehan was only willing to deny a farewell tour with Mr. Big.

This tour took place in 2002, after which the group disbanded.

Six live recordings, including the three-part " Raw Like Sushi / Japandemonium " (1990, 1992, 1994 ) and "Live At Budokan " (1997), show the popularity of the group in the Far East.

Reunion ( 2009)

On 2 February 2009 it was announced that Mr. Big have reformed in their original line-up and go on a world tour. From this tour, they released a live DVD and a live album each under the title "Back To Budokan ". In addition, published a new best-of album in the same year, which also contains two new tracks, which are also known as bonus tracks on the live album.

On 24 September 2010, reported that Mr. Big are in the studio working on a new album - the first since the original line- Hey Man. Producer Kevin Shirley is.

What If ...

The first produced after the reunion studio album by Mr. Big is titled What If ... and was released in Europe on 21 January 2011 Frontiers Records. It was produced by Kevin Shirley and recorded in the studio " Village Recorder" in Los Angeles. The album contained 12 tracks, of which Undertow was released as the first single. Video clips were produced for this title as well as the song All the way up. The album was released in three versions: as a simple audio CD, as a digipak with DVD and a " fan box set" with CD, DVD, vinyl LP and mouse pad. The DVD included the aforementioned video clips and a movie titled "The Making of What If ... "

Subsequent to the publication tour was launched in March 2011 in South America and introduced to Europe in the summer of.


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