Mr. Jones (film)

Mr. Jones is an American film directed by Mike Figgis in 1993 with Richard Gere and Lena Olin in the lead roles.


Mr. Jones is suffering manic depression (known as bipolar disorder). At high altitude flights deep falls follow. After his training in psychiatry evolved between his treating physician Dr. Elizabeth ' Libbie ' Bowen and it a romantic relationship that goes beyond the purely professional patient - physician relationship. This so did not allow relation between the two has finally then serious consequences.


Richard Gere, Mike Figgis and Eric Roth, in preparation for the movie very closely with manic- depressive illness ( bipolar disorder) are employed, these researches downright and studied. Richard Gere met with several patients suffering from the disease or suffering.

The film Mr. Jones was in Los Angeles and San Diego, both in California, USA, rotated. The film production company was Rastar Productions.

Mr. Jones came on 8 October 1993 in the American cinema, and played at the box office in the U.S., a good 8 million U.S. dollars. In Germany he started on 26 May 1994 on the canvas.

The film was further in the documentary A Century of Cinema in 1994 mentioned.


The film a positive rating on the website Rotten Tomatoes peaked at 46 percent of the reviewers.

The lexicon of the International film ruled that the script was indeed conventional, but the part of the director and the actor this Conventional will be broken entirely. However, they would fail because of the " compromise between ambition and showmanship ".