Mr. Magoo (Film)

The based on the cartoon series and the animated series Mister Magoo Mr. Magoo film comedy by Stanley Tong was produced by Walt Disney Pictures in 1997. The title role of the short-sighted eccentric plays Leslie Nielsen.


Quincy Magoo, an eccentric millionaire, is nearsighted. Since he rejects the use of spectacles, he gets because of his visual impairment always in trouble again.

Magoo just visited a museum as this is robbed by Luanne leseur. Magoo gets randomly designated as the Star of Kurdistan large ruby ​​in his hands. Leseur tries to remove him the stone. Intelligence, represented by Chuck Stupak and Gus Anders, are also behind Magoo.


The rotated in Vancouver and Brazil comedy brought in U.S. cinemas a more than 21 million dollars. In addition, $ 7.5 million were recorded in the other countries.


  • Rhein-Zeitung Online: " slapstick star Leslie Nielsen ( ... ) feel in the role of prime idiot clearly happy and runs in this family-friendly fun action back up at best. "
  • San Francisco Chronicle (Peter Stack on December 25, 1997): There were a few good gags and otherwise " lame jokes ". The comedy acts like a low-budget film, was at all cheap and tasteless. Kelly Lynch had fire in him.
  • Encyclopedia of the International film: " A moderately interesting comedy whose protagonist is acceptable to fight against a lot of idle and reacting rather harmless, sometimes clumsy and ridiculous whose book the bad joke of the original. "


  • Nominated for a Golden Trailer Award in 1999.

DVD Release

  • Mr. Magoo. Walt Disney Home Video Entertainment 2002